The MacLane Library is a digital repository for literary works, a virtual space of congregation with collaborative tools and a vibrant community of writers, readers, researchers and explorers. All rolled into a free membership!

Learning never stops. It seemed harsh to have to go through an academic institution in order to get the perks of a library environment and its resources. And when you complete a degree, all you are left with is an alumni association that is aimed at different needs than the academic or intellectual pursuit.

Enter the MacLane Library, a lifestyle club for those of us who are not done learning.
A place to start new things, observe, explore, participate. By offering a free membership, we hope to awaken a movement of thought leaders for the digital age.

We are not preoccupied with status, demographics or geographic constraints. Come see for yourself!

It all started with our book club, hosted by Valentina Zanor, where we read a short story by Shirley Jackson entitled Flower Garden. It was a great choice since it addresses social issues that are relevant to the turbulent times of 2020.

We drew inspiration from the main character, Mrs. MacLane, to name the digital repository that later took the shape of the MacLane Library, where members can access the different materials and bibliography that we source and create in ConnectWorld.

Much like Mrs. MacLane, our quest is to seek spaces that promote equality, acceptance and diversity. Where casual observers might see capitulation in Flower Garden's character, we choose to see an acceptance of moral standards that differ, and a insistence on standing by what one believes is the right side of history, the greater good for the most amount of people possible.

At the end of the story, Mrs. MacLane is to return to New York City, where she feels there is more like-minded people. We take this as an analogy for going where you can make an impact, where the conditions are met for your voice to be heard. We want the MacLane Library to be that place for you.

Membership is free, and we cannot wait to see what you create in our spaces!

Come join us!