About us

The MacLane Library is a free content initiative made by the Wayports community. We publish ideas and news that are relevant to the virtual business community, as well as releases by companies that call Wayports their workplace.

We are also working on a library building that members will be soon able to book and use for free.

Learning never stops. It seemed harsh to have to go through an academic institution in order to get the perks of a library environment and its resources. And when you complete a degree, all you are left with is an alumni association that is aimed at different needs than the academic or intellectual pursuit.

It all started with our book club, hosted by Valentina Zanor, where we read a short story by Shirley Jackson entitled Flower Garden. It was a great choice since it addresses social issues that are relevant to the turbulent times of the early 2020s.

We drew inspiration from the main character, Mrs. MacLane, to name the virtual space that Wayports members can use for free and this website where you can read insightful articles from our community.

Much like Mrs. MacLane, our quest is to seek spaces that promote equality, acceptance and diversity. Where casual observers might see capitulation in Flower Garden's character, we choose to see an acceptance of moral standards that differ, and an insistence on standing by what one believes is the right side of history, the greater good for the most amount of people possible.

At the end of the story, Mrs. MacLane is to return to New York City, where she feels there is more like-minded people. We take this as an analogy for going where you can make an impact, where the conditions are met for your voice to be heard. We want The MacLane Library to be that place for you.

Key Moments

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8 Industry Awards

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200 Stories Broken

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Something about Journalistic Integrity

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