Interlink joins Broadband Forum to Help Prepare the Access Network to Deliver the Gigabit Experience

Written by
Valentina Zanor

Interlink joins Broadband Forum to Help Prepare the Access Network to Deliver the Gigabit Experience

Written by
Valentina Zanor

Interlink will contribute to the industry standardization work in the hope that the growing number of devices, services and associated traffic can live up to the Quality of Service (QoS) and true potential of the gigabit experience, while protecting users’ rights online.

Paris, France — September 18, 2020: Interlink has joined Broadband Forum, the communications industry’s leading open standards development organization focused on accelerating broadband innovation, standards and ecosystem development, to better serve Internet Service Providers (ISPs) with advanced features in its network management system, Strings.

As Interlink completes work on its carrier-grade statistics and monitoring solution for Hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) networks, access technologies such as Passive Optical Networks (PON) are crucial in its objective of offering the same solution for Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) deployments. Although the Broadband Forum is agnostic to transport technologies used in access networks, it plays a major role in encouraging the work that accelerates large scale deployment of access technologies.

“It was an easy decision to join Broadband Forum because it enables not only continued learning and testing for new talent, but also the ability to contribute and shape future standards and tools that will impact what we do,” said Mariano Malisani, President of Interlink. “This is a major step in being part of a bold, exciting and distributed community, and it will certainly influence the roadmap of our software solutions. Strings already provides a modern take on what cloud solutions should be for network management at scale, with a focus on exceptional user experience, faster insights and efficient collaboration tools, but none of this is possible without a technically robust fabric of industry standards.”

Broadband Forum is at the forefront of driving standards around PON deployments, certification and related technologies with its ACCESS | NEXT project, as well as secure communications through its initiatives such as the User Services Platform (USP). First published in April 2018, User Services Platform (USP) – an evolution of the TR-069 standard that has been installed in over one billion homes globally – is Broadband Forum’s solution for service providers looking for a truly unified, common approach to securely deploy, manage and control network-aware consumer electronics, including home and enterprise Wi-Fi, the Internet of Things, and more.

“As USP takes the baton from TR-069 and defines the user experience and management paradigm for the next one billion broadband installations, it is crucial that industry players come together to help us deliver on the promise of broadband,” said Robin Mersh, Chief Executive Officer of Broadband Forum. “Interlink is a welcome addition to our membership that is shaping the future of broadband, and we look forward to its contributions and innovation as we address head-on the Quality of Service (QoS) challenge and user privacy threats that stand in the way of achieving the promise of a world-class Gigabit experience.”

Interlink is a proud Legendary Supporter of European Digital Rights (EDRi), and is actively working in software solutions that add value at the operator level, while also involving the consumer space. With digital services of all kinds gathering data from multiple touchpoints, there is a global drive to blur the lines of what constitutes acceptable uses for subscriber data. Interlink believes there is more value to be created from embracing transparency, promoting consumer-facing network statistics and protecting Net Neutrality values.

“There are concerning practices that we see are gaining ground in positions of regulatory responsibility with our customers in different countries, where they tend to forget the founding principles of the Web. There is an impression that a quick gain today justifies any data practice, but our mission is to make a mark on the opposite, and highlight the sustainability need as it relates to our human rights online as well as the upholding of democratic values,” added Eduardo Malisani, CEO of Interlink.

About Interlink 

Interlink is a software and telecommunications company with distributed teams in France, Argentina and Brazil, working in the fields of Telecommunications, Network Monitoring, Provisioning, and Collaboration Tools.

Interlink also counts with more than 24 years of experience and licenses to operate in the Telecom space in Argentina. With Strings, its modern cloud-based software for network management aimed at Internet Service Providers (ISPs), operators improve their networks and guarantee Quality of Service. With Wayports, companies can work remotely with collaborative tools in a virtual campus, where spaces resemble the ones in the real world. Every person is an avatar, every moment an opportunity. |

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