Interlink becomes Legendary Supporter of EDRi (European Digital Rights)

Interlink becomes Legendary Supporter of EDRi (European Digital Rights)

Wayports' founding member, Interlink, announces that they have agreed to support for EDRi (European Digital Rights) at their Legendary status. This is the highest form of support available for private companies, and a much needed effort for anyone who is serious about protecting users' rights online, according to Mariano Malisani, President of Interlink:

"We have observed EDRi's contribution to regulatory efforts in the EU commission, mostly on Regulation (EU) 2015/2120 and DPI (Deep Packet Inspection), and we wanted to offer our help in the highest capacity available to us. Their work is essential for a continued sustainability of the technological sector as well as the founding values of the Internet and the Web".

A defining aspect of EDRi is that corporations cannot be full members and influence its actions or positions. Instead, members of the association can only be non-governmental organizations with a proven track-record of similar work as EDRi, and must follow a lengthy process to join. But the support of like-minded companies such as Interlink augments EDRi's impact, which is essential to protect human rights in the digital era.

EDRi members have a passion for working in a community based on expertise, trust and hard work.

Interlink will now promote EDRi's efforts and align itself further with advancing EDRi's viewpoints on privacy rights advocacy not just for its product offerings in France, but also in Argentina and Brazil, countries where Interlink operates and where according to Malisani, "EDRi's ideas are a much needed source of inspiration".

About EDRi

EDRi is an association of 44 civil and human rights organizations from across Europe and beyond. A dynamic and resilient collective of NGOs, experts, advocates and academics working to defend and advance digital rights across the continent.

About Interlink

Interlink is a technology company based in France, Argentina and Brazil. A distributed remote workforce delivering on better ways to connect people, by providing network provisioning and monitoring tools that foster transparency and quality of service (QoS) for Internet subscribers.