Interlink France wins WRL Season 1, will receive NFT trophy at awards ceremony

Interlink France wins WRL Season 1, will receive NFT trophy at awards ceremony

The Wayports Racing League, a virtual competition that uses the simulated racing game Live For Speed, has come to a thrilling end after 10 races that were live-streamed on YouTube and broadcast by UCL TV to 80+ million homes in Latin America.

The races took place every weekend and saw drivers from 5 different countries and 10 companies battle for positions, using different tracks and conditions. While the drivers championship was clenched ahead of time by Mariano from Interlink France, the constructors title came all the way to the end, to be decided in the final round.

After an incredible pace improvement throughout the season, Santiago from the Strings team joined his teammate Andy in keeping the pressure on the constructors championship table, but a last-lap overtake of Santiago by Mariano on Round 9, along with an inspiring drive from his teammate Valentina on Round 10, enabled Interlink France to come away with the title by a mere 6 points.

Interlink France won it in the last race, by a small 6-point margin. Next season will be heated between these teams.

The trophies for driver and team will be minted as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) using the Ethereum ERC-1155 standard, as league organizers add a blockchain component to the competition, in making the trophies a unique item which also features the season's statistics for each winning driver/team.

The awards will be presented and their ledger-ownership transferred during an awards ceremony, to take place on Saturday 24th at 4PM CET in a virtual venue within Wayports, a virtual world for business productivity.

In Wayports, each person generates an avatar that resembles them, as they move along and can interact with other users and tools. Download the application for Mac or Windows if you would like to join the community and/or attend the ceremony.

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