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The Rationale Behind Our Language Choice

A look at why we create content in English first, and how the different languages across markets coexist in Wayports.
The Rationale Behind Our Language Choice

Why do people want to speak more than one language? Language is the unique ability through which us humans are able to transmit our ideas, thoughts and knowledge across minds. But cognitive scientists have taught us that, at the same time, language also moulds those ideas and thoughts. So in a way, learning another language is acquiring another way of thinking.

We approach the language issue since in Wayports we have many cultures cohabitating, which means many languages and hence, many ways of thinking. Our community includes Spanish, Portuguese, English and French speakers and we celebrate this multicultural distinction. Diversity is something we cherish and we expect our platform to keep up with all those ways of thinking.

However, our goal has never been packing a bunch of different cultures in the same space not interacting with each other because of a language barrier. The whole purpose of any inclusive tool is rooted in enlarging one’s cognitive thinking by sharing, respecting and learning. Here is where English comes into play. But, why English?

Without a doubt, English is a language that is straightforward and easy to learn. Its structures and its grammar, as well as the form of writing and communication is compatible with most languages in the world and therefore, with most ways of thinking. Today English is a lingua franca, which means it is spoken in its vast majority by non-natives, decanonizing what was before considered the 'right' accent.

Photo by Joshua Hoehne

Besides, English has become the language of business. If there is something that commerce does not need is miscommunication and disconnection. Including English in your company reflects a growing awareness that the world and your market segment have become a much smaller place, with the distances to countries and cultures greatly reduced.

Our websites, like our support, chatbots and our Help Center are all offered in Spanish, Portuguese, French and English, so users can choose the language they feel more comfortable with. Nonetheless, most of the content in the campus is in English and we encourage the companies we work with to embrace this useful language that will help them connect with a broader market.

We understand that perhaps not all companies are ready to embrace English. It is a matter of skill acquisition and refinement. With that in mind, we want to involve any English teachers that might want to make Wayports their main tool to teach. We are ready to help create the mechanisms needed for our community members to book time with them, pay any associated fees directly to them, and engage in amazing virtual learning experiences.

If you are passionate about teaching and you would like to be a pioneer in our virtual world, just download the application and talk to one of our representatives today.

-Valentina Zanor

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